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Medieval Weaponry |  Crossbows |  15th century European Crossbow

15th century European Crossbow

Product Code: KS-2F.01

15th century European Crossbow KS-2F.01

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15th century European Crossbow
European crossbow, typical of the first half of the XVth century. Because its small size it was classified as a light. The stock is crafted from hardwood with a handworked inlay and floral decorations. The bowstring is made of intertwined hemp's strings and is fixed to the chamfered ends of the steel limbs. The stirrup, trigger, sight and back sight are crafted from burnished metal. The crossbow is equipped with a wooden bolt which is fitted with a metal point and natural feather fins. Its maximum range is about 20 mts, but this crossbow is not very accurate because it is manufactured mainly for ornamental use.


Overall length 65 cms - Bow width 42 cms


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Medieval Weaponry |  Crossbows |  15th century European Crossbow