Claymore Sword

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Claymore Sword S5700M

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Claymore Sword Claymore Sword

The highland claymore or claidheamh-mor meaning great sword was a unique and distinctive weapon. The sword itself was a two-handed type with down swept guards terminating with quatrefoils-four iron circles usually braised together. Metal strips called langlets ran down from the centre of the guard over the blade, the upper section of the guard usually formed a socket into which the wooden grip could be inserted for strength. Pommels were wheel shaped but could be spherical on later claymores.

Although fairly common in the 16th and early 17th centuries the claymore became obsolete as the increased use of firearms lead to protective body armour being abandoned in favour of greater mobility on the battle field.

Many of these great swords had their blades shortened and were re-hilted as basket hilted broadswords

Key Features

  • EN45 Spring Steel
  • Historically Accurate
  • High Quality Construction


  • This sword has a sharp edge
  • This sword is functional
  • This sword is made from EN45 high carbon spring steel
  • This sword is hand forged


  Imperial Metric
Weight 128.7oz 3.65kg
Blade Length 40.94" 104.0cm
Blade Width 2.36" 6.1cm
Grip Length 9.45" 24.0cm
Overall 55.91" 142.0cm
Steel EN45 Spring Steel


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