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Medieval Weaponry |  Armour |  Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type

Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type

Product Code: KS-AH3851

Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type KS-AH3851

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Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type
The Corbridge Lorica Segmentata was found as part of a larger hoard during the 1964 excavations of Corbridge Roman Town near to Hadrian's Wall. Dating from between AD122 and 138, the contents of the hoard were found in excellent condition, due to the way that they were buried in an iron-bound, leather-covered wooden chest. The Corbridge Hoard is one the most remarkable Roman finds of the past century. The armour found there has since helped to shape Roman historians' understanding of Roman armour. The intricate designs and astonishingly preserved leather and textiles, helped people to understand how Roman armour was assembled and it was this discovery that made it possible to produce accepted reconstructions of this type of armour.
Our replica is a highly accurate representation of how the armour would have looked when it was worn by the garrison stationed at Hadrian's Wall.
It is constructed from 18 gauge steel with brass and leather fittings and is a favourite amongst reenactors worldwide. It is available in one size only and will fit up to a 46" chest.


Height: 60cm
Width: 80cm
Depth: 30cm
Weight: 10kg
18 gauge steel


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Medieval Weaponry |  Armour |  Lorica Segmentata - Corbridge Type