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Chainmail Leggings

Product Code: KS-AH3871

Chainmail Leggings KS-AH3871

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Chainmaille Chausses are a kind of form-fitted stockings of steel rings edged with leather. Our craftsmen use the most authentic medieval 4 in 1 pattern of maille. These maille stockings are to be worn over a thick pair of socks / sweatpants/padded leggings. They extend from the toes to upper-thigh but cover only the upper portion of the feet and not underneath. The chain maille leggings are suspended from a belt and have to be attached to a sole or a shoe at the bottom. They are extremely comfortable and allow free movement of the ankle and foot. They are a generous size and are tightened to the legs with leather thonging/cord.


16 Gauge Links
9mm Diameter
Total Length 128cm
Rear Leg Length 71cm
Top to Ankle 106cm
Foot 22cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Chainmail |  Chainmail Leggings