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Powder Horn with Valve

Product Code: KS-AH3951

Powder Horn with Valve KS-AH3951

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Powder Horn with Valve
The use of the Powder Horn goes back to the Middle Ages where they were used to carry gunpowder for early firearms. As firearms became more common during the renaissance and later periods, so too did the use of the powder horn. They were mainly used for pistols and muskets but would also be used for the priming of large naval guns. The use of animal horn along with nonferrous metal parts ensured that the powder would not be detonated during storage and loading. It was not unknown for soldiers to polish the inside and outside of the horn to make them translucent enough to see how much powder they had left. Powder Horns were usually filled from the top and dispensed powder from the narrow point. A working powder horn based on a historical design. Constructed from real horn with a working brass valve. The wooden lid is tacked into place and can not be removed. It is possible to fill this horn with liquid by unscrewing the valve.


Length: 35cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Giftware |  Collectables |  Powder Horn with Valve