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Civil War 'Lobster Pot' Helmet

Product Code: KS-AH6785

Civil War 'Lobster Pot' Helmet KS-AH6785

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Civil War 'Lobster Pot' Helmet
This form of helmet was widely used during the Thirty Years War and English Civil War and was commonly known as a 'Zischagge' in Germany and a 'horseman's pot' or 'three-barred pot' in Britain.
The term 'lobster-tailed pot' is widely used in modern scholarship. It was used by cavalry on both sides of the English Civil War including Oliver Cromwell's Ironside cavalry. The common misconception of Cavaliers wearing plumed wide-brimmed hats whilst the Roundheads wore helmets is eloquently disproved by a surviving order signed by Charles I himself for 33 'potts', along with other cavalry armour, for the use of his own troop of horse in 1642. Another order, this time from the Parliamentarian authorities, dating to 1644 for 300 "potts with three barres English" indicates that each helmet, no doubt of basic quality, cost 7 shillings.

The English Civil War Cavalry Helmet is hand crafted from polished steel and features an articulated tail to protect the neck, hinged cheek pieces and a tilting visor with 3 bars to protect the face from sword slashes. 18 gauge steel construction - not recommended for reenactment.


Height: 32cm
Length: 45cm
Width: 22cm
Weight: 2450g
Circumference: 63 cms


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Medieval Weaponry |  Helmets |  Medieval Helmets |  Civil War 'Lobster Pot' Helmet