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Great Helm -18 Gauge

Product Code: KS-AH-XH017

Great Helm -18 Gauge KS-AH-XH017

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Great Helm -18 Gauge
The Great Helm evolved out of a need for greater protection for the head and neck and was first seen towards the end of the 12th century. It was a very popular style of helmet worn by knights and men-at-arms in most European armies and was also worn by knights of the crusading orders such as the Knights Templar. It offered superior protection to the open face nasal helmet of the previous century but restricted vision and could become hot and stuffy - especially on crusade.
This is an earlier form of the Great Helm, the shape becoming more conical in later decades.

The Great Helm is hand crafted from polished steel and features and adjustable leather "spider" liner and large brass decorative cross. 18 gauge steel construction - not recommended for reenactment.


Height: 35cm
Length: 28cm
Width: 21cm
Weight: 2750g
Top internal width: 18cm
Top internal front to back: 23cm
Middle internal width: 19.5cm
Middle front to back: 26.5cm
Bottom internal width: 21.5cm
Bottom internal front to back: 28.5cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Helmets |  Medieval Helmets |  Great Helm -18 Gauge