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Ribchester Cavalry Helmet

Product Code: KS-AH6713

Ribchester Cavalry Helmet KS-AH6713

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Ribchester Cavalry Helmet Ribchester Cavalry Helmet
The Ribchester Helmet was discovered in 1796 by a clogmaker's son who was playing behind his father's house in Ribchester, Lancashire. He discovered a mass of corroded metalwork which proved to be a hoard of Roman military equipment. Ribchester was a Roman cavalry fort and it is likely that the hoard was deposited under a barrack room floor at around 120AD. The helmet would have been worn by elite cavalry troopers of the unit that was stationed there when performing "Hippika Gymnasia" (cavalry sports). The helmet would have originally had a crest box and a pair of trailing 'manes' This helmet is one of only 3 Roman parade helmets with masks to have been found in the UK and is the most intact of the 3. The Ribchester Helmet replica is hand crafted and all of the brass detailing is embossed by hand. The mask is cast in steel, polished and the detailing is applied in with gold paint. The mask is held in place with a leather strap and it can be removed. This helmet comes complete with a separate padded lining cap and can be worn.


Height: 29cm
Depth: 30cm
Width: 30cm
Weight: 2456g


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Medieval Weaponry |  Helmets |  Medieval Helmets |  Ribchester Cavalry Helmet