15C. Ring Hilt Longsword

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15C. Ring Hilt Longsword KS-AH3424R

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15C. Ring Hilt Longsword 15C. Ring Hilt Longsword
The 15th Century Ring Hilt Longsword differs from other longswords of the period in that it features “side rings” on either side of the guard. These rings provided greater protection to the hands without adding much weight to the sword. Over time, the addition of greater hand protection led more complex hit designs such as those seen on swept and basket hilt swords.

This longsword has a hand forged high carbon fullered steel blade (not tempered) with a triple fullered ricasso. The bottom half of the grip is wrapped in black leather. The top half is wire-bound for a more decorative finish and greater purchase. This sword comes complete with a well-made wooden scabbard wrapped in black leather with steel fittings and belt rings. This item has a blunt blade and is manufactured for display only.


Length - 118.5cm
Blade Length - 92cm
Grip Length - 18.5cm
Guard Width - 20cm
Blade Width - 4.5cm
Weight - 1694g


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