Guingate Sword

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Guingate Sword KS-AH3368

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Guingate Sword Guingate Sword
Maximilian was a great lover of arms and armor, actually designing some armor that has since been named for him. But more impressively, he was never one to hold back when there was a good fight going on. In 1479, King Louis invaded the Netherlands, where he was met by the Emperor Maximilian. In the short, bloody battle, the French Cavalry defeated the Imperial Horse, but in the end the field was held by the Flemish infantry, with the Emperor fighting on foot in their midst.

In honor of the battle we decided to name this sword the Guingate. The blade is hand-forged of high-carbon steel. Pommel and guard are beautifully finished brass, gorgeously setting off the bone grip. We are proud to offer this truly lovely sword. Includes leather scabbard.

Matching dagger available in our Daggers section.


Total length: 100 cm
Blade length: 83.5 cm
Grip length: 8.5 cm
Weight: 1054 g
Blade thickness (base): 0.37 cm
Blade width (base): 4.2 cm
Point of Balance (PoB): 40 cm


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