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Renaissance Dagger

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Renaissance Dagger KS-AH3486

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Renaissance Dagger Renaissance Dagger
The Renaissance was a period in European history, from the 14th – 17th century, that is regarded as the cultural bridge between the Middle ages and modern history. During this period the fighting arts and associated weaponry also went through change. This period gave birth to weapons like the elegant and refined rapier, designed more for duelling and protection than for use on the battlefield.

Our Renaissance Dagger is one of the best available to buy in the UK. It is a weapon of a more refined age. Gone are the straight quillons of the medieval period, in favour of downturned quillons that make parrying easier. The blade is longer and thinner than medieval counterparts and is designed more for thrusting than cutting – whilst still remaining enough mass to solidly parry a blow from a rapier. These parrying daggers were sometimes called “Main Gauche” (French for “Left Hand”) as they were used in conjunction with a rapier, that was held in the right hand.

This Renaissance Dagger features solid steel hilt fittings and a leather wrapped grip. The hand forged blade is blunt and designed for display only. It comes complete with a laced leather scabbard with belt loop.


Length - 44cm
Blade Length - 29cm
Blade Width - 3.2cm
Blade Thickness - 0.5cm
Guard Width - 15.5cm
Guard Depth - 2.3cm
Grip - 8.6cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Swords |  Other Functional Swords |  Renaissance Dagger