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Hand-and-a-Half Sword

Product Code: CS-88HNH

Hand-and-a-Half Sword CS-88HNH

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Hand-and-a-Half Sword Hand-and-a-Half Sword
We would be hard pressed to think of a more versatile or effective sword than the "Bastard" or "Hand-and-a-Half Sword" we offer here. For a sword of this size, it's amazingly light and fast and tips the scales at approximately 3 lbs. Its 33 1/2" long blade is quite wide so it can produce deep shearing type cuts yet pointed enough to be effective in a thrusting attack. Its long handle is suitable for both a one or two handed grip and is fashioned out of wood covered in black leather. To balance the long blade we have capped the butt with a beautiful "scent stopper" pommel which can be a lethal weapon in its own right. A companion dagger is also available. Scaled down in size and almost identical in appearance, it offers a 13" long blade designed to cut and thrust, yet be sturdy enough to stand in for a buckler in defensive roles.

Every Hand-and-a-Half Sword and companion dagger reflects the highest standards in workmanship and materials and comes fully sharpened and ready for battle. To safely house their keen blades we have also included very attractive scabbards made of wood covered with black leather with a steel throat and chape.

PLEASE NOTE: The Fleur de Lys shown on the scabbard is NOT present on the actual product. These images are provided by Cold Steel Inc as a representation of the product and upon inspection, we have found that the decoration is not on the scabbard at this time.


  Imperial Metric
Weight 49oz 1.39kg
Blade Length 33½" 85.1cm
Grip Length 918" 23.2cm
Overall 45½" 1.16m
Steel 1055 Carbon
Scabbard Leather/Wood w/Steel Fittings


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Medieval Weaponry |  Swords |  Medieval European Swords |  Hand-and-a-Half Swords |  Hand-and-a-Half Sword