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Lowlander Sword

Product Code: SH2065

Lowlander Sword SH2065

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Lowlander Sword
Wielded with untamed ferocity on many a Gaelic battlefield, the massive Lowlander sword vividly illustrates the might of the Scots of old. Known as “Slaughter-Swords” in the 16th century, these were the swords of choice for Scottish mercenaries of the period, and at close to six feet long the Lowlander faithfully replicates a surviving museum piece. Despite its great size, the Lowlander is beautifully proportioned and balanced. The typically Scottish quatrefoils in the ring guards attest to the heritage of this imposing piece. The grips of the Lowlander are leather-covered with an overlaid leather binding. A wall mount is provided to allow the transplanted Gael to display his sword with pride. See model SH2065N for the antique-finished version of this sword.

Key Features

  • Almost 6' long
  • Fully functional
  • Wall mount included


  • This sword has a sharp edge
  • This sword is functional
  • This sword is made from 1065 high-carbon steel
  • This sword is hand forged


  Imperial Metric
Weight 110.2oz 3.125kg
Blade Length 48.03" 122cm
Grip Length 21" 53.3cm
Thickness at Guard .32" 8.1mm
Overall 68.90" 175cm


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