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Tudor Longsword

Product Code: KS-RAC006

Tudor Longsword KS-RAC006

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Tudor Longsword Tudor Longsword
Drawing upon the outstanding quality and range of the Royal Armouries collections, we are proud to present this range of fine quality replicas. At each stage of the process, from the initial selection to the last details of the prototypes, the Museum’s experts on armour and edged weapons have been personally involved. These replicas are impressive in both their look and feel, accurately capturing the dimensions, materials and processes of the originals with tremendous attention to detail. The Royal Armouries is delighted that enthusiasts will now be able to enjoy these objects ‘at first hand’.

Two-handed swords were one of several types of weapon used at tournaments for fighting on foot at the barriers. This example belongs to a group of English swords dating to the late 15th and early 16th centuries, although such swords remained in use until the mid 16th century.

Probably English, about 1500; modern wooden grip and leather binding.


Length - 163cm
Blade length - 112.5cm
Grip - 42.5cm
Guard - 44cm
Blade Width - 5.1cm
Blade Thickness - 0.7cm
Point of Balance - 58cm
Weight - 2986g


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Medieval Weaponry |  Swords |  Tudor Swords |  Tudor Longsword