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Solingen Main Gauche

Product Code: SH2208

Solingen Main Gauche SH2208

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Solingen Main Gauche Solingen Main Gauche
Based on models of 17th century swept-hilt rapiers of Germanic ancestry, our Solingen Rapier (SH2205) with matching main gauche (SH2208) is an excellent rendition of the timely originals. The blades are constructed of forged high-carbon steel and are equipped with leather scabbards. The guard has a beautiful design with S-curved quillons to protect the hand and for wrapping the fingers around to increase one’s grip strength. This rapier and the matching main gauche blade produced from CAS/Hanwei are now interchangeable with the “Practical” blades (OH2255, OH2256), which are designed for safety in rapier sparring. Also available are antiqued are versions of the Solingen Rapier (SH2205N) with matching main gauche (SH2208N).

All of our rapiers have stainless steel hilts, for reduced maintenance, and high-carbon steel flex-tempered blades. Our three swept-hilt styles (Solingen, Torino, Gustav) are available with hilts in both polished and antiqued finishes. The latter finish, developed by Hanwei, has allowed a museum-quality patina to be applied to stainless steel while the non-corroding properties of the steel are retained. This finish is extremely attractive and gives a very authentic appearance to the piece.

The swept-hilt rapiers and their attendant main gauches have now been redesigned to provide lighter, better balanced pieces than earlier models. The hilts are now of the same size as the museum pieces on which they are based, providing an authentic feel in the user’s hand. All of the rapier and main gauche blades shown are interchangeable with the “Practical” blades (OH2255 - rapier, OH2256 - Main Gauche), which are designed for safety in rapier sparring. This gives the user a wide choice of swept hilt styles for use with both live and Practical blades. A replacement live blade is also available (OH2327).

Key Features

  • Forged high-carbon steel
  • Leather scabbards


  • This sword has a semi-sharp edge
  • This sword is functional
  • This sword is made from high-carbon steel
  • This sword is hand forged


  Imperial Metric
Weight 12.3oz 0.350kg
Blade Length 11.02" 28cm
Overall 16.93" 43cm


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