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Thompson Saber

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Thompson Saber CS-88EBTS

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Thompson Saber Thompson Saber
The Thompson Saber is not a historical or period-specific sword, rather it is a newly developed, thoroughly modern fighting saber.

Designed by Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson, and bearing his name, the Thompson Saber was created to Lynn's exact specifications.

Having studied and trained in Western, Japanese and Filipino fighting arts for decades, Lynn has sparred with everything from short lightweight machetes to two handed broadswords. The Thompson Saber combines all of Lynn's favorite traits from a wide range of sources.

Lynn said: "I wanted to make a battle sword. Not a dueling sword as such, but a true sword fighter's sword for the modern martial artist. I believe that the edge is superior to the point when facing multiple opponents. You have more opportunities to defend, counter, riposte and move without becoming transfixed on an opponent for a vital second - therefore, while it does thrust well, the Thompson Saber is a cutting tool first and foremost, on foot or on horseback.

Its ground to my exact specifications; hair shaving sharp for the first six inches from the point, then gradually less sharp down through the rest of the blade, leaving enough material to block, parry and even bludgeon an opponent's blade. It's deeply blued to aid in rust resistance, but also to make the blade harder to see in the fast paced cut and thrust of combat.

It has a modified 1904 Saber guard, offering amazing hand protection and a sizeable ray skin wrapped handle that will accommodate even big modern fencer's gloves.

I designed this sword to be able to make deep cuts even with a flick of the wrist, and it makes monstrous cuts when "drawn" through the target. If you study bladed arts and appreciate the combative potential of the sword, I'm sure you'll love this saber!"

The Thompson Saber comes complete with a heavy duty thick leather and steel scabbard with a leather belt frog for ease of carry.


  • This sword has a sharp edge
  • This sword is functional


  Imperial Metric
Weight 33.8oz 0.96kg
Blade Length 32" 81.3cm
Grip Length 5¾" 14.6cm
Overall 37¾" 95.9cm
Steel 1055 Carbon
Scabbard Leather w/Blued Fittings


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