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Viking Axe (Antiqued)

Product Code: XH1072N

Viking Axe (Antiqued) XH1072N

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Viking Axe (Antiqued)
Cutting tools of the Vikings commonly doubled as weapons of war when these famed raiders sailed on pillaging forays. Their axes were certainly top of the list and came to symbolize the terror spread among their foes. Varying greatly in size, from small throwing axes to the mighty Danish Axe, these were the most commonly used weapons of these Nordic warriors. Our Viking Axe is a typical pattern, capable of cleaving helms or armour with impunity.

Key Features

  • Forged heads with sharp tempered edges
  • Hardwood haft
  • Antiqued Verison


  • This axe has a sharp edge
  • This axe is functional
  • This axe is made from high-carbon steel
  • This axe is hand forged


  Imperial Metric
Weight 72.3oz 2.050kg
Blade Length 8.66" 22cm
Overall 35.04" 89cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Axes / Polearms |  Axes |  Viking Axe (Antiqued)