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Celtic Sword

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Celtic Sword S5712M

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Celtic Sword
The Celts were great warriors: in 390 BCE they crushed the army of the Roman Republic and sacked Rome itself. They were known as swordsmen, heavy infantry who repeatedly charged their enemies. Most fought on foot with little armour other than a helmet and shield. The Celts are famed for their decorative and metalworking skills.

Key Features

  • EN45 Spring Steel
  • Historically Accurate
  • High Quality Construction


  • This sword has a semi-sharp edge
  • This sword is functional
  • This sword is made from EN45 high carbon spring steel
  • This sword is hand forged


  Imperial Metric
Weight 49.7oz 1.41kg
Blade Length 21.65" 55.6cm
Blade Width 1.97" 5.9cm
Grip Length 3.54" 9.7cm
Overall 28.35" 72cm


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Medieval Weaponry |  Swords |  Celtic Swords |  Celtic Sword